How not to wash your hair every day during the summer


Summer, as we know, brings with it the desire to wash your hair almost every day to counteract the effects of sweat and excess sebum. A significant nuisance, especially considering the heat and the need to continually redo the fold. However, you can not wash your hair every day and the merit goes to at least 4 infallible allies.

To wash or not to wash your hair? This is the great dilemma of summer evenings. After long days with skyrocketing temperatures and humidity, in fact, the desire to refresh the hair with a shampoo is irresistible. Of course, washing your hair every day does not hurt and does not represent a problem for the health of the hair: it is now known that shampooing daily does not affect the production of sebum and is not one of the habits that stress the hair. On the other hand, however, having to manage the styling every day is certainly not a walk in the park. Not to mention the damage that prolonged use of a hairdryer, iron and straightener can cause. How to avoid washing your hair every day? The solution is to build a shampoo-proof haircare routine, made up of smart products and crafty summer hairstyles.

How not to wash your hair every day: the salt spray

Salt spray is certainly one of the best allies to keep hair clean longer. To combine with strategic hairstyles, of course. Before a session in the gym, for example, just spray it on the roots and braid your hair into boxer braids or a French braid. Thanks to the sea salt and Epson salt-based formulation, in fact, the sea salt spray will help to give texture to the hair, better defining waves and curls. Furthermore, by styling your hair, you will be able to keep the roots away from the scalp, a great way to put off shampooing.

– IGK Beach Club is a volumizing and texturizing salt spray that does not dry out or weigh down the hair. With a light and buildable formula, it helps to give volume to the hair.

– Sea Salt Spray by Eslabondexx is the sea salt based hair spray that allows you to create a hairstyle with a messy effect like when you just returned from the beach.

– Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble is the salt water-based hairspray ideal for giving volume and structure to the hair, creating a matte finish capable of enveloping the hair and protecting it, even from dirt.

– Alterna Caviar Professional Styling Sea Salt Spray is the ideal salt structure spray for all hair types. With mineral salts from the Dead Sea, it is perfect for getting beautiful beach waves.

The dry shampoo just in case

To refresh your hair while waiting for the next wash, you simply need a splash of dry shampoo. Thanks to starch, talc and purifying extracts, this spray or free powder shampoo settles on the scalp and absorbs excess sebum. A very useful solution also and above all for oily hair. Using it is very easy: sprayed 30 centimeters from the hair, it must be left on for a few minutes and then simply brushed off. The effect is that of a shampoo in the shower: not for nothing, it is the secret behind the hair of stars and models.

– Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Light Tones is a dry shampoo suitable for fair hair, perfect for giving the hair an instantly fresher and purified appearance.

– To refresh the look without the need for water, Oway Plant & Mineral Refresh removes excess sebum from the hair, leaving it light, voluminous and delicately scented.

– Klorante Bio Aquatic Mint Shampoo has a purifying and anti-pollution action, perfect for cleaning the scalp without washing it.

– Hairburst Volume & Refresh Dry Shampoo is a product that gives volume to the roots and texture to the lengths, making the hair immediately more full-bodied, clean and revitalized. An invisible formula, which leaves no white or sticky residue and gives the hair a pleasant scent of Coconut and Avocado.

Wash your hair well so as not to wash it often

The washing routine is key to make sure you space out the shampoos as much as possible. In this case, it is the scalp scrub that makes the difference. In fact, exfoliation is essential to keep the skin oxygenated and to give a feeling of lasting freshness. By eliminating dead cells, the skin is freer and the hair clean, at least for one more day!

– Essential Haircare SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Clenaser is a scrub shampoo with sea salt, which refreshes the scalp and removes impurities, product residues and polluting particles.

– Cleansing Scalp Scrub by Sephora Collection cleanses and purifies the scalp and hair. With 90% natural ingredients, it frees the skin of pollution particles, excess sebum and dead cells.

– Skinlabo Purifying Scalp Scrub is a delicate but intense exfoliant that purifies the scalp, removing dirt and residues from chemical treatments and rebalancing the sebum level. The mechanical action of the microgranules of mineral perlites of natural origin and the active ingredients inside it also help the removal of dead cells with a purifying and sebum-balancing action.

– Crown Scalp Scrub by R + Co is a hair exfoliant suitable for detoxifying and soothing the scalp. Ideal for eliminating product and dandruff residues, it is perfect for obtaining a clean and rebalanced scalp.

How not to wash your hair every day: hairspray and hairstyles

One of the classic mistakes made in the summer, which causes the hair to get dirty quickly, is to collect the hair just after washing it. In doing so, in fact, the natural oils found in the skin come into contact with the rest of the hair, dirtying it. For this, the best hairstyles are voluminous and wild, so that the hair stays away from the roots. The use of lacquer is also very useful: creating a protective film around the hair, in fact, these formulations defend the hair from external aggressions and keep the hair clean for longer.

– Brilliant Medium Hold Hair Spray is Aveda’s medium hold hairspray formulated to protect hair from moisture and add shine to any occasion.

– The Adorn Volume to the Stars volumizing hairspray gives the hair a natural volume, perfect for keeping the hair soft and protected from humidity.

– To fix hairstyles, Got2b 2 Sexy Volumizing Lacquer by Schwarzkopf is perfect for creating a sensual and voluminous effect.

– L’Oreal Professionnel Infinium Pure Strong Hairspray is a fragrance-free hypoallergenic hairspray with only 6 ingredients. Suitable for defining and fixing any type of hairstyle, it makes styling lasting and avoids the risk of irritation.


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