Hair hydration in summer: what are the products to use?


It often happens that the hair in summer is dull and not at all shiny. To make them return to their former glory and maintain their hydration, rely on the right products.

Especially those who have the hair long knows how much theirs care can be exhausting and demanding several steps, in every season of the year. Although very different from each other, in fact, the hair is almost all quite delicate and decidedly prone to stress, aggression from external agents, damage from mismanagement and changes in climate. This last aspect is particularly felt on summer hair, when sun, heat and sea water they descend into the part of sworn enemies of our hair, which in no time at all appear dull and brittle and lose their hydration.

To prevent your hair from becoming more and more unmanageable in the summer, the most important thing to do is to moisturize and nourish it better with right products.

Why it is important not to forget about hydration

To maintain constant hydration is essential to ensure that the whole organism remains healthy while, on the contrary, neglecting this aspect can lead to a series of more or less serious problems.

If we talk about the hair, dehydration it can create an imbalance within the scalp, which in addition to weakening them makes them drier and generates the much hated frizz effect.

Among the primary causes of this phenomenon, excessive use of hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons, which using high temperatures to function, tend to drain the hair of its natural water.

Hydrate them at the table

Maybe you don’t know but hair hydration also passes from the inside. As with the skin, even the hair, in fact, hydrates itself if the whole organism is and for this reason, one of the primary moves to make for beautiful and shiny summer hair is to drink a lot of water. The amount recommended by experts is approx 8-10 glasses a day, which would allow you to recover lost fluids and nutrients.

Me too’supply can contribute and not a little to this goal. The foods they contain essential fatty acids, for example, they moisturize the hair and nourish the scalp, as well as the vitamins A and B5 and the iron.

The right products to moisturize your hair while washing

The hair washing it is certainly the most important part of the care process. Getting that wrong can greatly affect the final result, so pay attention.

Don’t do it every day

Before even thinking about which products to use, let’s talk about the frequency. Even if the number of showers increases dramatically in summer compared to those in winter, try to do not wash the hair every day, otherwise shampooing and rubbing will weaken the hair fiber.


SOS dry shampoo

An excellent alternative to frequent washing is lo dry shampoo, which gently removes dirt and excess sebum. Just spray it a little all over your hair, let it act for a few minutes and brush.

Use the right shampoo

Sometimes finding your way in the hair care jungle is not easy. If you want to wage a battle against dehydrated locks and show off super top summer hair, pick one shampoo as natural as possible, non-aggressive and with a formula suitable for dry hair.

The ingredients which help in hydration are oil olive, sunflower, Argan, flax, coconut or almond; mild surfactants such as shea butter; Aloe vera; hyaluronic acid; ceramidthe and natural extracts sweeteners such as mallow, oats, nettle, calendula and lavender.

Instead, stay away from alcohol and harsh surfactants.


Don’t overdo it

It is also important not to exceed the quantity used. A nut it is more than enough if yours hair I’m short or medium, one and a half if the length is greater.

The post-washing products that you cannot miss

After washing your hair, always apply conditioner, also formulated for this purpose and therefore in line with the shampoo. Don’t put it on However on the skin, but start a few centimeters lower, otherwise you could get the opposite effect, which is to weigh down your hair.

Life-saving masks

Once a week, instead of using conditioner, apply one moisturizing and nourishing mask, even better if homemade with natural ingredients.


Honey and banana mask

This is one of the most suitable for moisturizing hair in the summer because the banana is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that revitalize dry and dull hair and strengthen the scalp.


Mash the banana and mix it with the other ingredients. When you have obtained a uniform mixture, apply it over the entire length of the hair, clean and slightly damp.

Leave it on for about 15-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly so as not to leave any residue.

Protect your hair from the sun

To keep hair hydrated in summer, the actions to be taken do not end with washing, since it is precisely when we are outside that the most significant aggressions take shape. The enemy number one is the Sun, or rather his own UVA and UVB rays which not only undermine the health of the skin but also that of the hair.

That’s why when you go to the beach or pool you should never forget one hair spray with sun protection, to be sprayed before exposure and constantly throughout the day.



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