Unusual Jobs - Top 15+ Weirdest Jobs That Pay Well

Unusual Jobs – Top 15+ Weirdest Jobs That Pay Well


Of hug professional To bicycle fisherman Passing by island guardian, there are many unusual jobs. Commonly called ” unusual or atypical profession », They can generally be exercised without a diploma. Sometimes well paid, they are most often pampered for their fun side. Let’s see a list of best unusual trades of the world.

People are looking for unusual jobs or unusual for many reasons. They may be tired of sitting in an office all day, or maybe they have lost their jobs and need to find a new career direction.

The unusual jobs often offer the possibility of flexible working, which may be of interest to those with other commitments, such as family, or those who have creative projects that they want to pursue at the same time.

And since many of them require few qualifications, they may be suitable for those who want to make money without investing in the training needed for careers such as law.

It is important to note that the most unusual jobs can be surprisingly well paid and some are jobs of the future. They can be a great option for those who need to earn a good salary, while doing a job they love.

Unusual jobs: Top 15+ of the weirdest jobs that pay well around the world …

In this article, we list the top 15 weird jobs, high paying unusual trades and give you some tips on how to be successful in each of them.

01 – Crime Scene Cleaner

In practice, this unusual job consists of meticulously cleaning up crime scenes after investigators have gone through. And this, in strict compliance with health and safety rules. To be a crime scene cleaner, you have to have a mind of steel. In other words, one must be able to manage your emotions effectivelybecause facing these tragic situations can be traumatic.

02 – Slide tester

Before a slide is installed in a water park, it goes through a series of tests. If you love the sun, adrenaline and travel, become a toboggan tester. As its name suggests, this unusual job consists of trying slides across the planet. This profession is very interesting, because it occupies only half of the year, that is to say 6 months. According to lesoir.be, The salary of a slide tester varies but remains very attractive: around 2,000 euros per month, or almost 23,000 euros per year.

03 – Island Guardian

Absolutely one of the best unusual crafts of all time! Keeping an island is without a doubt one of the best “jobs” in the world. Here, the job consists of spending 6 months on a paradise island to explore it. During his stay, the caretaker will also have to take photos and videos of the island which he will then publish on a blog. If necessary, he should also perform some maintenance work.

04 – Cinema screen cleaner

Like the windows and screens in our homes, giant cinema screens are cleaned regularly. However, the screen cleaner movies uses special cleaning products to remove dust. People with vertigo problems cannot perform this task since most of the work is done at height. Usually the cleaning is done with the ropes, as the screens can reach up to 1000 m². Also, in most cinemas, the cleaner only works at night.

05 – Professional hugging

It might sound weird to you, but people make a living by cuddling. These specialists bring a little human warmth to people who feel alone. If you need reassurance, call a hug professional. You will be pleasantly surprised by the many benefits of a hug. Indeed, it boosts immunity, reduces stress and depression. In short, hugs make you happy.

A professional cuddler is a real job – A professional hugger earns up to 200 euros per day (Source…).

06 – Golf course diver

During a round of golf, some balls land in pools of water. To prevent them from destroying the bucolic landscape, they are recovered by the golf course divers. Their mission is to scrape the shallows of the ponds to recover the balls which are lodged there. However, this unusual profession is very dangerous because these ponds contain snakes and sometimes alligators.

07 – Video game tester

You are a good gamer, so earn money by becoming a video game tester. Basically, this job is to find all the bugs in the game to be tested. To achieve this, you have to be attentive to detail and very focused. Unlike those who play for fun, the video game tester must have some computer knowledge.

08 – Third passenger

In some areas in Indonesia, vehicles are not allowed to travel with less than 3 passengers. To overcome this problem, the Indonesians are using a third passenger. Indeed, it is a person paid to occupy a place in a vehicle. Surprising is not?

09 – Cosmetics tester

Usually, before putting a cosmetic product on the market, companies hire people to test it. Indeed, this makes it possible to ensure that the product is not harmful to the health of users. This is why people who exercise this profession must be honest and attentive to their bodies. It is, however, a unusual job sometimes criticized.

10 – Panda-sitter

In China, there are nannies for panda. Commonly called panda-sitters, they spend their days feeding, cuddling and pampering pandas. The practice of this unusual profession does not require any particular qualification. But to apply, you must be 22 years old and have mastered the way of life of these animals at your fingertips.

11 – Chick sexer

Differentiating a male chick from a female chick is extremely difficult. It requires some experience. Most breeders are unable to do this on their own. To sex their chicks, they very often call on chick sexers. These experts are able to determine the sex of chicks regardless of their ages.

Chick sexeur is one of the best well-paid unusual jobs, a job that pays 55,000 € that nobody wants!

12 – Ostrich keeper

Ostriches can be very violent with each other, especially when there are many in the cage. The main role of the ostrich keeper is to prevent these altercations. Depending on the terms of his contract, he may also be called upon to feed them and clean their cages.

13 – Bike fisherman in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is considered the city of cycling par excellence. Unfortunately, in this tourist town, the majority of canals and rivers are blocked by bicycles. To avoid pollution, the government is hiring volunteers to retrieve these bikes. In the waters of the Amstel river, for example, bicycle fishermen collect around 15,000 bicycles each year.

14 – White extra in China

Many Chinese companies recruit white people to make the whole world believe that their structure has a International fame. These white extras are generally invited during the signing of contracts or during conferences with foreign companies. Here, the level of education is not important. All that matters is that a white individual appears in the staff photo.

15 – Pusher in the Japanese metro

Many French people don’t like to take the metro because they feel cramped. If they think they are going through hell in the subway, what will the Japanese say? At home, there are pushers in the metro. This is an unusual profession that is quite rare in the West. The practitioners are responsible for packing as many people as possible into the subway.

Why not try one of these unusual, well-paid jobs?

Are you tempted by extraordinary experiences? Why not try one of these unusual, well-paid jobs?

While following a proven career path may be the easiest way to pay the bills, choosing one of the best quirky trades above maybe not even can turn out to be just as lucrative – and a lot more interesting.

These jobs are often more difficult to find, and you will likely need to search relevant job boards and forums and websites.

But with initiative, hard work, and a willingness to take risks, these weird and fun jobs could earn you a good income – and provide you with some great stories to tell over dinner.

If you are looking for more interesting trades – or a better salary – think outside the box when looking for ways to make money. The unexpected might just be what you’ve been looking for from the start. There are many other ways to become millionaires than sticking to the conventional.


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