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Get Free iTunes Gift Cards 2020


Are you looking for free iTunes card codes without paying anything? If your answer is YES, you are on the right page !! We are going to discover together 5 ways to get free iTunes codes and cards in 2020. Continue reading πŸ™‚

The itunes gift cards Apple can be used on anything in itunes store, App Store and iBooks Store. Everyone loves music and if they have an iPhone they probably love iTunes too.

While browsing the Internet, I found a video on Youtube on β€œHow To Get Free iTunes Gift Cardsβ€œ. Who doesn’t love iTunes? I love it. I wanted to do some research on this topic because I would like to have free iTunes codes.

I did some research online, mostly through Google, and searched for β€œfree iTunes money,” which returned the following results:

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Everyone wants iTunes coupon codes, but no one wants to spend their hard earned money to buy it. Everyone wants free iTunes cards and find ways (of hacks) to get them without having to take money out of their pocket.

Is it legal? Can you really get free iTunes gift card in 2020?

Can I Really Get Free iTunes Gift Cards?

I went through the different articles and stumbled down a rabbit hole of shady sites and the like. I eliminated the trash from the legal ways people say they can get free iTunes gift cards. I found that :

Yes you can TO WIN free iTunes gift cards if you do a little homework.

If you are looking for codes Free iTunes gift cards that work or unused free iTunes codes, you’re in the same situation I was in a year ago. I have come across many scams like Free iTunes Code Generator, Free iTunes Codes Without Human Verification, Free iTunes Codes List 2020, etc. but I never got anything.

But I didn’t give up and kept looking and finally found a lot of legal ways that helped me get free iTunes card codes. I repeat. Seriously – there are many ways to earn iTunes free gift card right now. I wanted to share with you my favorite ways to get free iTunes gift cards.

How to Earn Free iTunes Gift Cards 2020

If you are a fan of your iPhone / iPad / Macbook etc., you will probably like to have free iTunes gift cards. And there are plenty of ways to earn them online. Here are a few of my favorites (which really work):

1. Paid online survey sites

One of the best ways to earn free gift cards and codes for various platforms, including iTunes and Amazon, is by signing up for paid survey sites online. It is very easy to earn cash and gift cards with these sites.

By watching videos, giving your opinion, playing games, shopping online and taking surveys, browsing the web, these sites offer you points and you can redeem for multiple gift cards. or in cash via Paypal.

There are several sites on the internet that offer this possibility, we already have a detailed article with the the best online survey sites which you can try in 2020. You can check it out anytime.

iTunes free gift card via LifePoints

The site LifPoints is probably one of the best and also the most trustworthy sites to get many gift cards and free PayPal money. Here you have the option to earn points which you can redeem for various prizes including an iTunes gift card as you see in the picture. It can be done very quickly and you don’t need a credit card or any outside source of money, it’s 100% free. You can log into this site, take surveys, and earn iTunes gift cards without spending a single penny.

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3. Via the iTunes rewards site

You might think that the iTunes rewards site is part of the official iTunes store, but it is not. But trust me, this is also one of the most effective and legal ways to earn Itunes gift cards for free.

As with other paid survey sites, on this site you have to perform various tasks like surveys, downloading apps, etc. to get points. You can then redeem those points for iTunes gift cards. 1000 points correspond to iTunes gift cards valued at $ 10.

3. Earn iTunes Cards Via Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram are the most reliable ways to connect and follow someone. And here you can also follow the companies or the profiles of GIVAWAYS of gift cards to get free iTunes gift cards.

Free GIVAWAY gift card, Free iTunes gift card
GIVAWAY iTunes gift card on Twitter

These companies or profiles organize online contests and reward the winner with iTunes gift cards. Sometimes these sites ask to follow their social media channels and in return you receive iTunes gift cards. cashstar, firstdata, ngc-group and qwikcilver are a few companies that you can follow on social media to take advantage of their offers.

4. iTunes Gift Cards Via cash-back applications

Have you ever imagined that you could receive a refund after purchasing your favorite products? Yes, it is possible, but if you buy through certain applications.

The internet today is overwhelmed by income-generating applications that offer you cash back after your purchases. One of the best apps among them is iGraal and Poolpeo that give you money when you buy groceries, fashion or food from online stores.

It is all up to you, whether you want to use your spilled money to buy amazon gift cards and free iTunes codes or want to buy other gift cards. Isn’t that cool!

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5. Earn iTunes codes through online product promotion

In the internet age, most of us used to shop online, and before we buy we check other people’s reviews. And there are many organizations that offer you money if you promote their products or subscribe to their newsletters.

Finding these organizations online can be time consuming, but if you are successful, you will be given a significant amount of money to rate their products.

Not only do you get cash, but you also get paid with gift cards and iTunes codes for promoting their products. But before you engage with such companies, you should verify their authenticity and be concerned with your sensitive information.

Free iTunes Gift Card Generator 2020

I’ll tell you one word, Stay away from free iTunes code generators !!

I know very well that when you searched google for free iTunes gift cards, you came across many iTunes or Play Store code generator sites. Many of us jump over these sites for instant benefits. When we go through such iTunes or Play Store code generation sites, they ask for a human verification procedure where you must give your email address and other sensitive private data. In fact, you don’t get anything and these sites sell your data to advertisers.

So beware of these sites if you want to stay safe online. Look for legitimate ways to earn gift cards and iTunes codes.

These are proven ways to get free iTunes gift cards and codes and I think you are now ready to go hunting for those iTunes codes. After trying these tips, you will definitely succeed in earning iTunes gift cards without spending your real money.

If you have another way to get gift cards and iTunes codes, feel free to share your tip with our community in the comments. Also let us know if the tips mentioned above are right for you. If you have any questions, please let us know by commenting below.


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