Earn bitcoin for free 2020 – the ultimate guide


Buying bitcoin is a great long-term investment, but if you can’t buy as many bitcoin as you want, you can still earn bitcoin for free online in 2020. Many people don’t know that it is possible get bitcoin for free on the internet.

How? ‘Or’ What earn bitcoin for free? In this file, we present you with proven tips to be able to start earning bitcoin quickly in 2020. In fact, there are several great methods of earn free crypto currency online.

How To Earn Bitcoin Quickly In 2020 – A Beginner’s Guide.

Many people have asked us: “Can i get bitcoin for free?“. The answer is “Yes you can!“. In fact, it’s a lot easier than you might think. The following is a guide to the easiest ways to earn up to 1 bitcoin per day free in 2020.

Alright, but can I get rich with free Bitcoin? The answer is NO, you will not get rich. But small parts get big over time. And thousands of Satoshi also become Bitcoins. We will therefore guide you step by step to learn how to earn free bitcoin fast.

Starting from the least profitable ways to the most profitable, here is the ultimate guide to the best methods to get free bitcoin in 2020 ⏩

# 1. Earn FREE Bitcoin via CASH OR SCAM GAMES.

First of all, we must mention the gambling options and scams related to Bitcoin and the free bitcoin generators. As is the least and the worst thing, you can fail using them. In fact, you can lose your personal information or your money, especially through bitcoin scams.

Whenever you see an offer of “Free Bitcoin” or “free bitcoin generator“, Make sure you read behind all the lines. If they ask you to pay, there’s a good chance they’ll cheat you. Read on, because there really are ways to earn bitcoins for free.

Second, there are thousands of BTC gambling sites. They are often legitimized by other types of currency payments such as Paypal. But most of these sites are usually full of ads and malware. You must therefore be very careful when using free bitcoin sites. Of course, you can get free bitcoin, but if you don’t know what you are doing, you might lose your money.

# 2. Use Bitcoin Faucets (Faucets)

Yes, bitcoins are distributed for free through taps. But what is a Bitcoin faucet? In other words, a Bitcoin faucet is an element of a website that offers you very small amounts of Bitcoin in return for solving captchas, viewing ads, or performing other super easy tasks. . They distribute bitcoins, or better yet, Satoshi. A Satoshi is one hundred millionth of 1 BTC.

Therefore, what you receive from Bitcoin faucets is usually an extremely small amount. In addition, Bitcoin faucets are generally priced. Most of the time through promotions or other such tasks. Simply put, a website with a Bitcoin faucet just wants you to stay on the site and increase your engagement.

Consult this guide to learn about the concept of Bitcoin faucet or crypto faucet in general, and how to collect Bitcoin with the best Bitcoin faucets.

# 3. Play games and earn bitcoin for free

Some websites invite you to earn free bitcoin by playing games. You will be rewarded with free Satoshi. Similar to the concept of Bitcoin faucets, they try to get you to gamble. Unfortunately, sites of this type are usually also full of ads and malware.

If you like watching ads and playing games online and have a lot of spare time, this option might be right for you.

# 4. How to get bitcoin for free while surfing the internet?

Awesome and easy way to get free bitcoin. In fact, he should have become number 1 on our guidebook. It works the same as Bitcoin faucets, so you have to wait for the Satoshi you receive to become Bitcoin. But let’s take a close look at how it works.

Honestly, I just started using this service myself. At the time of writing this blog post, I have already started to earn free bitcoin. Simply by using a new type of internet browser called Cryptobrowser.

All you have to do is download and install the CryptoTab browser. It’s available for all devices, Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android desktops.

CryptoTab for mobile, earn free bitcoin, bitcoin faucet
CryptoTab for mobile

After installation, make Crypto-Browser your default browser. Use it like Google Chrome, Safari or your Internet Explorer. Crypto-Browser is fast, convenient, and you get bitcoin for free while surfing the internet. It’s very cool !

Earn free bicoin

How many Bitcoins can I get for free using the Crypto-Browser?

I just installed it myself. There is about an hour. Let’s check and see how much money I have made just by using the internet.

In just one hour, I got 0.00000581 Bitcoin (BTC). Is that $ 0.018 without doing anything? It’s awesome!

# 5. Mining bitcoin is never free

When it comes to mining bitcoin for free, just forget about this idea. Mining bitcoins is never free. In fact, it is quite expensive. Regarding the “Mining” of bitcoins, if you want to become a serious bitcoin miner, be sure to read this guide on how bitcoin works. There you will find information on bitcoin mining and the hardware you need.

# 6. Free Bitcoin Through Affiliate Programs

A very easy way to get free bitcoin and also worth it. Affiliate programs are used on websites, for example by signing up for courses or simply signing up through an affiliate link.

Affiliate programs are web advertisements. If the service is worth signing up for, this is the second easiest way to earn free bitcoin.

# 7. Get paid in bitcoins

Of course, if you want to get paid in bitcoin, you have to work for it. This option is therefore not completely free. But, as we have already mentioned, there is nothing for free and, of course, no free bitcoin without doing anything at all.

However, getting paid in bitcoin is an easy option. Especially if you have something to offer. You can sell items or services while accepting Bitcoin payments. Another option is to ask for donations. Both are easy to install. You can also use them on a website or in the real life of your business.

# 8. Buy Bitcoins directly

Finally, we have the last but by far the best option for getting bitcoin for free. How does it work? Quite simply ! Get yourself a Bitcoin wallet, and buy Bitcoins. Overall I can recommend you Coinbase, Robinhood if you want something cheap or Etoro with great flexibility to trade and trade other cryptocurrencies as well.

But how can you get Bitcoin for free by buying it? If you are passionate about the volatile crypto market, you can see how much money is in it. Finding the right time to invest is key. Bitcoin could continue to fall, but experts say bitcoin is the future.

Now I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s not hard to earn bitcoin for free in 2020. Sometimes it’s all about shopping at your favorite online stores. Other times, you just have to browse the net with a browser or do affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to try all of the methods at once. Experiment with the method that seems easiest to you. Then, once you get comfortable with this way of earning bitcoin, add another and another and another.

We hope you’ve learned a lot of info on how to earn bitcoin for free in 2020. Write a comment below if you have any notes or if you have anything to add. Waiting for your comments.


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