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[Checklist 2021] 10 Questions to Ask When Buying Home


Buying a home can be a big deal, so know what to ask before buying a house is essential if you want to avoid making mistakes that you might regret later. Have a checklist of questions to ask when buying a home will allow you to keep those emotions at bay and focus on the practical side of things during a house purchase visit in 2021.

That’s all well and good, I hear you say, but what exactly are these questions to ask when buying a home?

Home purchase checklist 2021 – What to ask before buying a house?

Here are Top 10+ questions to ask when buying a home in 2021 – The list of questions is up to date with good questions to ask a real estate agent / seller whether it is during an apartment visit, d ” a visit to a rental house or building.

Some of the Questions of this checklist will tell you whether or not you should leave, and others will tell you how much money you’ll need to spend to get the house up to par. Some may not be relevant to your home, but we hope there will be enough to give you more confidence in the process. house purchase visit.

Let’s go find out, okay?

Question 1: How long has the property been on the market? Have there been any offers?

By asking these two questions to your real estate agent, you will be able assess the quality of the property and its level of attractiveness even before book a visit. Knowing these two points will give you a good idea of ​​how its price is set and whether or not there may be issues that are not immediately apparent. For example, a property that hasn’t received a lot of offers, but has been on the market for months, may need a closer inspection … what exactly bothers people ?

Question 2: How long have the owners lived there?

Many different owners in a short time can sometimes be an alarm signal which you will want to be aware of, but similarly, long occupations can also pose problems, albeit different. The rapid turnover could be the result of a bad neighborhood, while a longer occupation may mean that the property has need structural workbecause the owners simply lived with the problems rather than fixing them. While it won’t always be the case, it’s important to keep them in mind when doing your research.

Question 3: Have the current owners had any work done or built an extension?

Also, if you find out about recent construction work, you will get an overview of the property. If any work has been done in the past few years, ask why it was. This could be just because homeowners wanted to increase the value of their home, or because they wanted better living conditions before the sale, but it can also point you to some underlying issues. Obviously, it is better to have a survey done, but it will give you a benefit that could save you time and money.

Question 4: What is the reason for the sale? What is the seller’s travel position?

Knowing exactly why current owners are selling will give you more information and strengthen your position as a buyer. A lot of people hate asking this question because they feel like they’re prying, but you have every right to do so. Likewise, knowing the seller’s position will give you insight into how best to move forward with future negotiations.

Question 5: How is the area and is there something we need to know?

Ask this question during a house purchase visit may save you a lot of headaches down the road, but that’s really only a question for those who are completely new to a particular field. Why ? While inquiring into an area may seem perfectly innocent at first, some agents may question your willingness to buy, which could work against you in some cases. Having said that, now that you know how some agents might perceive the question, you can qualify it by explaining why you are asking it. You should never be afraid to educate yourself on such important factors, but there are ways to have such conversations.

Learn about noise, the parking, garbage collection, traffic jams, schools and whatever else you can think of. Again, don’t be afraid to ask questions when doing a purchase also important. You can also research it yourself by visiting the property at different times of the day. This will give you a broader perspective of the region.

Question 6: How are the neighbors? Are they owners or tenants?

These are important questions. As more and more people live in increasingly close quarters, problems with neighbors are not unusual. Finding out who will live around you could save you a lot of hassle down the road. Also see what their property looks like. Is it in a state of disrepair? You will know the signs, so watch out for them.

Question 7: What are the running costs of the property?

Knowing the tax bands, utility costs, and day-to-day general operating expenses of the property will help you budget properly and let you know if you can live well financially in this home. Things like housing tax can rob you of a portion of your monthly salary; It is therefore essential to know exactly what you will be paying before you start buying your home.

Question 8: Are the owners going to leave something on the property?

Is the owner leaving something behind? Can you keep the white goods? Maybe they’re ready to leave the garden supplies if they downsize? You won’t know it unless you ask, and some people might even thank you for eliminating the headache of getting rid of things they no longer want.

Question 9: Does the garden have the best climate?

Knowing which side the garden is on is an important question that many people forget to ask themselves during a home buying tour. A south-facing garden means long summer evenings, while a north-facing garden can mean you’ll be sitting inside! If your outdoor space is a big part of your life, that’s a question what to ask before buying a house.

Question 10: What are the local amenities?

While you can do a lot of the research yourself, asking the owners or your real estate agent questions on topics such as transportation, the restaurants, schools, leisure centers and The stores will give you an idea of ​​what it is like to live in this area.

However, as with question number 5, this question should be treated in a way that does not involve generic interest. Try to dig a little deeper and ask specific questions, such as: ” In which school is the property ” or ” Where is the nearest supermarket β€œ.

Bonus: Would owners consider offers?

The last point, but not the least, is the price. Don’t be afraid to ask whether or not the owner would be ready to negotiate the asking price. You will be surprised at how many things can affect this question, so feel free to ask it. It could be that the owners themselves have fallen in love with a property and are now desperate to to move out, or that they are just happy to accept a lower price. Whatever the reason, you will only know if you ask.

It’s your turn …

Let me know what you think of this list of what what to ask before buying a house and add your question suggestions in the comments below.


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