Who is Piero Armenti, from “My trip to New York”


Piero Armenti has become a true celebrity of the web and social networks thanks to his page My trip to New York. We know better its history and how it crowned its “American dream“.

Who is Piero Armenti

Armenti, born in 1979, is originally from Avellino.

When he is still very young, his future seems to be directed towards something totally different than his current New York life. In fact, after high school, he begins to attend the University of Salerno, where he enrolled in law.

In 2002, however, a life-changing experience arrives. He manages to win a scholarship Erasmus for theUniversity of Alicante, in Spain. He arrives, therefore, there with the aim of working on his thesis.

However, the young man also manages to take part in a journalism course organized by the important Spanish newspaper El País. An experience that marks the first steps towards an important part of his future professional life, that of the journalist.

Upon graduation, Armenti is chosen for a Crui-Mae internship at the Italian consulate in Venezuela. During that time, he also continues to cultivate his passion for writing. In fact, create a blog and start writing for the Voice of Italy, the newspaper of the Italian community in Venezuela.

He lives abroad for another 4 years. After that, in 2008 he decided to apply for a scholarship for a doctorate atEastern University of Naples and wins it. So, he works on his project on “Hispano-American cultures“For the following three years.

Piero Armenti and the United States

In 2011, after completing his doctorate, Armenti chooses to leave for the United States, New York to be precise. Initially, his situation is rather precarious. In fact, he reaches the Big Apple only with the possibility of having an unpaid internship contract at america24.com.

However, he continues to hold several interviews. Eventually he manages to get hired by the tour operator Volatour, where he is soon placed in command of the webmagazine of the company.

Piero Armenti and the birth of My trip to New York

Meanwhile, Armenti decides to create a page on Facebook, My trip to New York. In it he begins to talk about his American experience. Over time, the project acquires more and more following.

Driven also by the success of his latest idea, he mobilizes to obtain a tourist license. Here, once you succeed, he gives birth to the company My trip to New York. Company that soon becomes the most important Italian tourist agency in New York.

In 2018 it also launched ilmiohotel.com. It is a site where you can find the best offers for hotels, at the price level.

Piero Armenti, not just a “urban explorer

Armenti is not only a social media star and as he is often called, a “urban explorer“. It has, in fact, also the qualification of professional journalist. Over the years, he has collaborated with various newspapers, including also Panorama.

In addition, he is the author of books. He has written some about Venezuela and Latin America. One of the jobs at this juncture is The other America. Between Mexico and Venezuela, stories from the Far West (Arcoiris, 2008), created in collaboration with Antonio Pagliula. In 2020, the novel about his American experience was also released, One night I dreamed of New York (Mondadori).

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