Who is Nicoletta Braschi: all about Benigni’s wife


Nicoletta Braschi is the beloved wife of the famous Italian actor and director Roberto Benigni. Like her husband, she is an actress and producer of the Italian film scene.

Who is Nicoletta Braschi

Born in 1960, Nicoletta Braschi was born in Cesena on 19 April by Guido Braschi, director of the “Confartigianato Imprese”, and Paola De Giovanni, housewife.

In 1980 he moved to Rome to study acting at the National Academy of Dramatic Art. He made his debut at the theater in the same year, with the opera “Everyone to the slaughter” by Salvatore Cardone. In 1981 he starred in a second drama, entitled “Exemplary novels”. She began working with her future husband Roberto Benigni in 1983, with the film “You upset me”. In 1986 he again took part in the cast of a film directed by Benigni, entitled “Daunbailò”.

However, Nicoletta Braschi also acted in films in which Benigni was not present. Let’s remember, for example, the film “Secret secrets” from 1984 directed by Giuseppe Bertolucci, “How good are whites” from 1987 by Marco Ferreri, “Tea in the desert from 1990 by Bernando Bertolucci, “Pasolini, an Italian crime” from 1995 directed by Marco Tullio Giordana, “Sosenga Pereira” from the same year, made by Roberto Faenza, and “I like to work (Mobbing)” from 2003 with Francesca Comencini.

Nicoletta Braschi: career

Braschi is best known for the films in which she starred in the company of her husband. He has actually participated in the making of films that have fully entered the history of cinema.

Among these we remember “The little devil” of 1988, for which he received a nomination for the silver ribbons. “Johnny toothpick”, film of 1991, “The monster” of 1994 and “Life is beautiful”, cinematic masterpiece with which he won the Flaiano prize, the Ciak d’oro prize and a prize from the press. For “Life Is Beautiful” she was also nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Cast.

In 2002, always collaborating with the beloved Benigni, he starred in “Pinocchio”. In 2005 he starred in yet another successful film, entitled “The tiger and the snow”.

In 1998, thanks to the film “Ovosodo” directed by Paolo Virzì, Braschi received the David di Donatello award, a nomination for the Ciak d’oro and a nomination for the silver ribbons.

Thanks to the films “Pasolini, un delitto italiano” directed by Roberto Faenza, and “Lazzaro felice” written and directed by Alice Rohrwacher, he received two more nominations for silver ribbons. For “Lazzaro felice” he also won a nomination for the David di Donatello.

In 2004, with the film “I like to work (Mobbing)” by Francesca Comencini, she was the winner of the Festival de Cine de Mar de Plata and received yet another nomination for silver ribbons.

In 2009 he devoted himself to theatrical activity, representing the opera “Tradimenti”. In 2013, again at the theater, he gave life to the drama “Happy Days”. In 2016, together with her husband Roberto Benigni, she received the Golden Globe for Lifetime Achievement.

Nicoletta Braschi and Roberto Benigni

Despite the numerous honors earned, Nicoletta Braschi reached the pinnacle of success thanks to “Life is Beautiful”, 1997 film directed by her husband Roberto Benigni. Braschi played the role of Dora, Guido’s wife, played by Benigni himself. The film was awarded three Oscars in 1999. The categories in which the film triumphed were “best foreign film” and “best soundtrack”. Benigni, on the other hand, won the gold statuette for the “best leading actor” category.

In particular, Braschi married Benigni on December 26, 1991. Since then, her husband has always considered her his muse, dedicating all his achievements to her. He won the last of these just yesterday, Wednesday 1 September, receiving the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 78th edition of the Venice Film Festival.

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