who is miriana trevisan

Who is Miriana Trevisan: all about the Italian showgirl


Miriana Trevisan, a name already known to the Italian public, is preparing to enter the house of Big Brother Vip. After his debut in the 90s he participated in several TV programs: in September 2021 he will be among the protagonists of the new edition of the Canale 5 reality show.

Who is Miriana Trevisan

Born in 1972, Miriana is an Italian showgirl from Naples. At the age of 17 he started working as dancer, especially in the circus of Liana Orfei. There she was noticed by TV producers. His first experience on TV is in fact with It is not Rai, in which she participates from 1991 to 1993. It is thanks to Gianni Boncompagni’s program that she is launched in the world of entertainment, together with her other colleagues: Ambra Angiolini, Laura Freddi, Claudia Gerini and many others.

Despite the success after two years, however, he decides to leave the program, subsequently explaining why

It may seem absurd, but I left the program because I was beginning to understand that the show was going to be my future. But I was aware that I wasn’t ready yet, that I would have to prepare myself if I really wanted to do it.

Miriana Trevisan: career

Miriana thus begins to build her career, participating in You come back to me, with Red Ronnie, so he became passionate about music and decided to take singing lessons. In 1994 she was hired to be the first blackberry tissue in Strip the News together with Laura Freddi, a role he held until 1995. He also leads Paperissima Sprint, again in 1995, also passing through The Bullfight, led by Corrado. Alongside, between 1996 and 1997, also another important conductor such as Raimondo Vianello, in the program Pressing. Since 1997, on the other hand, for 5 seasons, it has been the valley of Mike Bongiorno to The wheel of fortune. The partnership with Mike will also be repeated in subsequent years and in various programs, such as Good very good; Long live Naples, And All in joy. Regarding these experiences he told:

Corrado was a gallant, honest and authoritative man, while Mike was able to translate everything around us with irony and summed it up in his memorable slogans. He loved his job, sport and being listened to carefully. Raimondo with his way of doing things, which never let you understand if he was serious or if he was joking, made the day an adventure.

He then starred in the fiction Carabinieri and in 2007 he participated in The island of the famous, ranking fourth. He has also trod the scenes of cinema and theater, in particular performing in the show Men on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

In September 2021 it is ready to return in front of the cameras, this time of the Big Brother Vip, led by Alfonso Signorini.

Miriana Trevisan: private life

In June 2003, after dating for a year, she married the singer Pacifico Settembre, aka I pay, with whom he had his son Nicola. Their marriage ended in 2013. She then had a long love affair with the writer Giulio Cavalli. The breakup between the two happened in 2019 when it looked like they were getting married. So Miriana is currently single.

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