The Director arrives on Netflix: cast and plot


From August 20 a new TV series is available on Netflix entitled: Director. The TV series is directed by Gray Longino and written by Amanda Peet and Annie Julia Wymanla and centers on the life of Ji-Yoon Kim, director of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature at Pembroke University, one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

The stakes develop throughout the director’s professional and private life. Ji-Yoon Kim is the first non-white woman to lead the university complex and this will be the subject in various situations of battles against prejudices and difficulties within an environment hitherto run by men.

The Director: the cast of the TV series

The protagonist Ji-Yoon Kim is portrayed by Sandra Oh. The American actress found major television success for playing Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy and for playing Eve Polastri in the Killing Eve series.

Alongside Sandra Oh there are more or less known faces. Jay Duplass plays Bill Dobson, a recently widowed Pembroke University professor and is known for his participation in The Mindy Project and Transparent. Holland Taylor instead plays Joan Hambling, a professor not particularly appreciated within the University. Face known for his participation in “Two and a Half Men” and for his seven Emmy Awards nominations.

In “The Director” Bob Balaban plays the role of Elliot Rentz one of the highest paid professors, while Paul Larson the rector of Pembroke University is played by David Morse.

They conclude the list Nana Mensah and Everly Carganilla. The latter plays Ju-Hee “Ju Ju” Kim, the adopted daughter of the protagonist Ji-Yoon Kim, while Nana Mensah plays the role of a charming teacher of African American origin called Yazmin McKay.

The director: the plot

Ji-Yoon Kim (Sandra Oh) is an English literature teacher and was called by the rector of Pembroke University, Paul Larson (David Morse), to modernize education by becoming director of the faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature. The structure of the school is still not very modernized and for this reason students are starting to prefer other universities to Prembrole.

Kim is the first non-white woman to fill this role. The protagonist will have to face a series of difficulties and unpleasant episodes that will occur in the university such as the high aging rate of the professors, the drastic drop in enrollment in courses and the depressive state of the professor and friend of Ji-Yoon Kim, Bill Dobson (Jay Duplass). Due to all these problems that Ji-Yoon Kin will have to face in the workplace will also put a strain on the relationship with his adopted daughter Ju-Ju.

Furthermore, the new director will have to deal with the past. In fact, he will find himself helping his colleague, as well as ex-boyfriend Bill Dobson, recently widowed and left alone by his daughter who moved for work. But that’s not all because Ji will also have to deal with prejudices within the university environment for skin color. Will he succeed in his work?

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