List : Louis Vuitton RESORT 2021 Collection

List : Louis Vuitton RESORT 2021 Collection (photos)


louis vuitton resort collection gallery: Louis Vuitton RESORT 2021

“I looked somewhere that has been calling out to me for a long time, somewhere I hadn’t taken the time to go back to. It was like a reset to uncover one inspiration after another, to imagine the next steps and how to create and work within this new context. I took the time to explore my creative identity and prepare the future.” Confronted with the unknowns of the coronavirus and the crushing recession it precipitated, designers have been revisiting their past successes. Nicolas Ghesquière is among them, though the search for lost time is not only a quarantine pursuit for him.

On his fall runway, with the then as-yet uncancelled Met Gala and its theme of “Fashion and Duration” still on the horizon, Ghesquière held up a mirror to his own work. (Louis Vuitton was this year’s Gala sponsor.) For this pre-spring collection, he followed similar guidelines—lifting cargo pants from one collection and frilly rococo collars from another, and reuniting with the blouson shapes of the 1980s he likes—with results that read more “everyday” than his runway outings typically do. That’s everyday in quotes because nothing here is quotidian.

Additionally, running through the collection is a playing cards leitmotif. When asked, Ghesquière claimed “the tarot” as his favorite card game, “because it can be used in many different ways. And the cards are full of symbols”. Nonetheless, he made effective use of the clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades of the playing card deck. They bear more than a passing resemblance to the elements of the Louis Vuitton monogram. Which Ghesquière made the most of by hybridizing them. Then either adding them as decorative details on bags. Or supersizing them as color-blocked patterns on streamlined mini and maxi dresses.

In this list, we give you the opportunity to discover our selection of the best louis vuitton resort collection inspirations and photos.

List : Louis Vuitton RESORT 2021 Collection

Emphasizing the more everyday/less editorial aspect of the collection, it was shot on location in Louis Vuitton’s Paris headquarters. A photocopier stands at attention in the opening shot, and exit signs and fire doors appear in the background of others. For Americans still working from home, the office is a “lost time,” indeed. Nostalgia, according to researchers, is a self-soothing mechanism for dealing with discontinuity. Ghesquière is on the same wavelength as all of us.

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