List : 20 Stunning Acrylic Nails Ideas to Express Your Personality

List : 20 Stunning Acrylic Nails Ideas to Express Your Personality (photos)


long nail ideas gallery: Acrylic manicures, dip powder nails, and gel manicures are just a few of the artificial nails designs that women love. For women who prefer longer lengths, long acrylic nails allow a woman to have nails that are not only gorgeous and something of envy, but that is also durable.

A favorite pattern for 2018 acrylic nail designs is to mix a solid color with a glitter color within a similar shade. For women who prefer a tone that is perfect for every occasion from casual to dressy, beige goes with everything. Adding a pop of glitter transforms the choice from plain to pizzazz and works well with an oval nail shape.

There are so many cool styles for acrylics, and many of these styles include the use of glitter. Starting with an onyx base, gold glitter is added to the bottom of every black nail with one nail featuring glitter from top to bottom. This is a fancy look that is perfect for a night out at the club.

Mixing colors and glitter is done right when the color scheme is well planned. Shades of mauve with silver glitter is a good combination. Silver glitter is added to some nails; the lightest mauve blended into a deeper mauve is added to some others, and then the same deeper mauve is added to the rest.

In this list, we give you the opportunity to discover our selection of the best long nail ideas inspirations and photos.

List : 20 Stunning Acrylic Nails Ideas to Express Your Personality

Everyone loves pink bubblegum, especially when the color appears in a nail design. Long nails shaped in a square style are in two matching color schemes – the first is pink and the second is white with gold and pink speckles. The style is fun and youthful.

The best artificial nails show attention to detail and design. Here coffee colored long acrylic nails filed in a square shape are painted in various shades – dark coffee, medium coffee, and coffee with cream, along with bronze colored glitter. Because the color scheme is neutral, it’s good for day or evening.

A unique nail design is to paint one nail with a portrait of a beautiful flower. Here, two pink Peony blossoms, along with their greens, are illustrated on a nail. The rest of the nails are champagne pink with a gold rhinestone on top.

What’s classy and gorgeous? It’s when dark chocolate and glitter polish grace a woman’s hands. The nails are filed into a square shape. Then a dark chocolate color is painted on most of the acrylic nails. The remainder of the nails feature glitter styles in silver and silver and brown.

A painless way to make a statement with your hands is to keep your acrylic styles in the same color scheme but in two different textures. Long nails are filed into a square shape. Then some long nails are painted black while the other long nails are covered with black sprinkles. That’s it!

Some long nail styles are filed into a sharply pointed fashion. It’s a shape that’s not as popular as square or oval, but quite a statement is made when such acrylics are color coordinated and feature sparkles. Here, the nails are covered with gold polish, creme polish and gold sparkled polish.

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