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What not to do with your hair in the summer: mistakes and tips


Sometimes keeping your hair always shiny, healthy and strong in the summer seems like a titanic undertaking. Or maybe not. Just follow a few small tricks and avoid all those mistakes that, especially during the summer, can damage the hair. Let’s find out together.

How nice it is to stay in beach, between sun, sea, sanda soft underfoot and the many laughs with friends. A lot for us, a little less for our hair. THE In fact, summer hair can suffer a lot. And this is because of the damage that external agents are able to cause, transforming your perfect hair into a dry and arid tangle. Obviously if you don’t take care of it properly.

Beyond the things to do, therefore, and which is important to know, it is also good to know all of them enemy looks and / or bad habits of hair. And therefore, absolutely to be avoided. To preserve the natural beauty of your hair e show it off with pride and lots of pride, at any time and under any circumstances. Here, then, what not to do with your hair in the summer, to always keep it healthy, shiny and strong.

Perfect foliage in summer? Impossible without protection

As for skin care, even when it comes to summer hair there password to keep them healthy and strong is only one: protection. Precisely for this reason, one of the most common and deleterious mistakes for the health of the hair is not to protect it and shield it from the harmful effects that chlorine, salt, wind, etc., can have on the hair.

The ideal would be to cover them with a nice hat with a wide head, a scarf or a bandana but also use gods specific hair products, sprays, oils or creams, with an adequate SPF protection factor. Forgetting this simple trick, in fact, can damage both the shaft and the root of the hair, making them dry, dull and very far from the idea of ​​perfect hair that you have always had in mind. But not only.

Forgetting to rinse your hair

Even forgetting to get one nice shower immediately after exiting the sea or the pool is a determining factor in damaging your hair. And the reason is very simple.

The fresh water from the shower allows you to clean up the scalp and lengths of the hair from residues of chlorine, sand, salt and various dirt that may have stuck during your relaxing bath. All agents who, if not eliminated, go to affect the health of the hair in the summer, weakening and drying them out.

summer hair shower

Not doing a proper hair routine

Ok, between days on the beach, aperitifs and crazy nights it is possible that something is forgotten. But if you want to keep your hair perfect at all times (preserving it from summer damage) you cannot absolutely forget perform every single step of your usual hair routine (dedicating all the necessary time to it):

  • shampoo, to thoroughly cleanse the hair and free it from impurities (always opting for a type suitable for your hair type);
  • balm, to protect the stem and in particular the tips (easier to dehydrate);
  • masks, at least once a week, preferably nutritional and protective (excellent those with olive oil, jojoba, shea butter; linseed oil; argan, coconut, honey, etc.

Fundamental steps for the health and beauty of summer hair and, in general, to always take care of it.

apelli d'estate hair routine

Dye your hair in the summer just before you leave

Despite the arrival of summer, the desire to change color the hair is always very strong, so as not to damage, weaken and dry out the hair it is important to act in time. This means that dyeing your hair in the summer (and by dyeing we also mean streaks, highlights, balayage, etc.) a few days before or the day before your departure is one of the worst mistakes that can be made to have a perfect hair and in full health.

dyed summer hair

The reason? This kind of treatments make the rather sensitive hair and much more prone to damage (and that won’t go away with the return of autumn). For this reason, for those who really cannot give up the change of hair look in view of the departure, it is better to anticipate the session at the hairdresser at least one month before the long-awaited date. For leave time to the hair to return to his natural balance.

Stress the hair with heat

Thanks to events, improvised trips, parties and / or aperitifs every evening, etc., in summer the desire to embellish your look with a nice hairstyle. To change your style according to the circumstances and always give him one breath of freshness and novelty.

Too bad, however, that to do this you indulge in the use of plates, irons for styling and big blows of the phone. A huge mistake if you want to keep the hair perfect without stressing it. That’s why, at least for this season, it would be better avoid using these tools, leaving dry your hair in the summer naturally, free in the air. And finding alternative solutions to style them without heat.

Drinking a little damages hair in summer (and not only)

If you are wondering how drink little can affect whether or not you have a perfect hair even in summer know that, in reality, the two things have a very close bond. It is no coincidence, in fact, that our body is composed for about 70% water. This is why it is of fundamental importance to always keep well hydrated, especially in a season in which the loss of fluids is greater and completely natural.

summer hair water

When you drink little, in fact, (in addition to creating damage to the body), the hair in summer becomes weaker, dull, dry. All elements that damage its appearance and especially its health. That is why it is necessary to properly hydrate, drinking at least two liters of water per day. By supplementing the diet with water-rich foods such as fruit and vegetables. In addition, then, to legumes and eggs, perfect for nourishing and protecting the hair, strengthening it.

fruit summer hair

As seen, therefore, it takes very little to damage hair in summer. Just as there are few tricks to pay attention to to keep them healthy and strong. It is enough just to dedicate the time and all the necessary care to it. Guaranteeing well-being and balance and allowing yourself to show off perfect hair, enviable, shiny, silky and withsuper wow effect.


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