Sunscreen for scalp and shaved head


It is exposed from sunrise to sunset, and receives UV rays perpendicularly, both supine and standing. This is why it is important not to let your head down. And if she is shaved, she needs 1000 more attention. Read the advice of the dermatologist

If you have a shaved head, you may be wondering which scalp sunscreens are best suited for not getting burned. The question is not insignificant, given that the head is very exposed: in any position, supine or standing, it receives the sun’s rays perpendicularly. And if the hat probably represents the highest protection, it is not obvious to always wear it, from sunrise to sunset. After all, for scarves and bandanas to really protect your head from the sun, make sure they are made of fabrics with sun filters. Usually, they are found in sportswear, whose synthetic materials – highly technological – disperse heat and UV rays, lowering the temperature of the head. Very porous fabrics, such as cotton linen, guarantee less protection from the sun.

«In addition to avoiding rashes and burns, protecting the shaved head from the sun is very important because lowers the risk of skin cancer»- remembers the dermatologist Maria Rosa Gaviglio. The recommendation to use adequate protective filters is never enough, given that «in case of excessive exposure to the sun, we are not talking only of melanoma, but also of all cancers affecting the skin, such as baseliomas and actinic keratoses. This applies to all skin types, even for the darker ones who seem to have the most advantage, when this is not the case. And under the sun the head is really in the foreground, even more so if it has no hair! ” – points out the dermatologist.

How to protect your head from the sun?

Scalp sunscreen affects not only bald people but also all people who have i sidecut or undercut style cuts with respectively side shaving or posterior at the nape of the neck. “Precisely because they are frequently retouched, these cuts make the hydrolipidic film of the skin particularly sensitive, therefore more susceptible to sunlight” – says the expert.

An analogous discourse arises for the hairstyles that leave the scalp uncovered such as afro braids or close to the head, or torchon and discriminations particularly evident in those who have always been used to wearing for example the middle row or to the side.

Sunscreens for the scalp

What are the best products to protect the scalp from the sun? “THE spray sun products, those that vaporize like a spray of rain in a multidirectional way, from any angle you are. Therefore, they allow to reach even the most “uncomfortable” parts such as the nape, back of the ears and auricles ». The reason? “Usually, spray products have one light texture and transparent that is called dry touch or dry touch, this allows a better tolerability, from the point of view of comfort.
It is valid for everyone, but it is a solution much appreciated also by men, who usually cannot stand a sun with a rich consistency, such as classic body milks or face creams, intended for feminine anti-aging ».

Sunscreens for baldness

Because for the skin is it better to focus on sunscreen with a dry or dry touch? «Because, even when devoid of hair, the scalp is an area of ​​the body a seborrheic tendency, which then produces a lot of sebum and sweats a lot. Furthermore, a sunscreen with a fine and transparent consistency helps to cool down and encourage reapplication ”- explains the dermatologist.

Being light, the spray sunscreens are immediately absorbed on the scalp, avoiding dripping. “Let’s not forget that in a bald or shaved person, sweat is more likely to fall into the eyes: when combined with sunscreen, it becomes really irritating!” These solutions allow, therefore, to do not burn your eyes due to hasty applications. After all, new sun products are increasingly formulated so as not to migrate to the ocular region.

Sun protection for shaved head

Other ideas for protecting the shaved head from the sun are i sun products designed for sport. They always have light and refreshing textures that they absorb without leaving any white marks, but they also have advanced technologies. That is? They strengthen their sun protection in contact with sweat and water (which thus become allies against the harmful effects of the sun).

Inspired by the innovations of sports fabrics, these solar products contain new generation polymers that allow a better distribution on the skin, and also on the scalp.

How to avoid a sunburn on the scalp?

The advice is to apply the sunscreen frequently, whenever the need is felt. And not just every 3 hours as recommended for face and body skin. Avoid staying bareheaded under the direct sun in the central hours (from 12 to 16), if it is impossible to always wear a hat with UV filters.

«Very important is the application of solar in right quantities: the supply of spray sunscreen must be continuous and abundant – recommends the doctor. Watch out for sprays, too: being invisible, the spray may not give the perception of having applied the product well and all over the head ». It is forbidden to be parks!

Sun creams for shaved head

And the classic sun creams are good for the shaved head or with little hair? “Yes and no, as thicker textures can give the impression of having a gel on your head, in addition to the fact that they can transpire more easily and risk dripping into your eyes”.

And are hair sunscreens suitable for the scalp? «They are only for the hairstyles that leave part of the head uncovered. I do not recommend them for shaved parts because it is not always possible to identify the SPF protection factor. And then they often have oily textures that are difficult to bear on the scalp, in addition with the summer heat. In addition to the fact that, like all oils, they certainly reflect the rays, increasing their power.

For an alternative to sunsprays, you can opt for the very light fluids in pocket format to take with you, and ready when needed. Or for the stick, as long as they are large in size, such as those for sensitive areas, and obviously not greasy or sticky.

Do sprays, sticks and fluids protect equally? “Yes, because the solar filters contained are the same: it is the application that counts, that’s why it is always recommended to abound and not defiiere, as the Latins used to say!” – concludes Dr. Gaviglio.

Solar products for the scalp

In the gallery below, look at the selection of DMBeauty.it on solar products suitable for protecting the head from the sun: sprays with a dry touch, refreshing, non-greasy, non-sticky and quickly absorbed fluids. You just have to choose!

ISDIN Transparent Spray Wet Skin
A transparent sunscreen on the skin, with a fresh texture that dries immediately. Thanks to the spray, it is easy to apply.

Rilastil Sun System Transparent Spray SPF 50+
A fine protection from the nebulized texture.
Thanks to the Pro-Dna Complex, it prevents sunburn and sunburn.

Vichy Capital Soleil Spray SPF50 +
Water-resistant and equipped with micro-diffusion technology, it leaves a feeling of freshness on the scalp that protects from the sun.

HyperFocal: 0

Shiseido Sport BB SPF 50+
An idea for sidecut cuts with side shaving, which need frequent touch-ups.
This tinted BB with sunscreen naturally colors the scalp without white or artificial effects.

Equilibra Baby Sun Spray Milk
Aloe Vera, contained in important quantities (20%), moisturizes, refreshes and soothes the skin by offering enhanced protection.

Lancaster Body Protection Milk SPF 50
A non-fat, oil-free milk dedicated to sensitive skin. It has a light texture, not greasy or sticky, and spreads out harmoniously to avoid leaving parts uncovered.

Anne Moller Non Stop Spf 50
A multidirectional spray that allows you to distribute the jet from any angle.
The presence of antioxidants increases the protection of cells, as well as from the sun, from pollution by hydrocarbons and heavy metals.

KORFF Stick solar SPF 50+
It has a transparent and green texture, soft and pleasant to apply,
dry in application. It leaves no trace or glossy effect.

– Anthelios Shaka Fluid SPF 50+
It is shaken and applied all over the face including the scalp. Ultra resistant to water, sweat and sand. It does not burn the eyes. Light and non-sticky texture.

Uriage Bariésun Dry Spray SPF30
Thanks to its continuous vaporization aerosol format, application is easy, fast and ideal for large areas Its invisible and rapidly absorbed texture guarantees a dry and non-sticky finish

Bioline Jatò Sundefense SPF 50+
A face sunscreen that can also be applied to the scalp thanks to the “rapidly absorbed” formula. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun.

Heliocare 360 ​​° Water Gel
Water-based broad spectrum photoprotector, designed to offer high sun protection (SPF 50+) and a continuous release hydration system. Perfect for daily use and suitable for all skin types, including oily and combination skin, it absorbs instantly thanks to its ultra-light texture, leaving the skin fresh.


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