air dry hair so as not to stress the hair

Protecting your hair in the summer, 5 things that stress it out and how to avoid it


Having soft and silky hair even in summer is not a huge undertaking: just follow the right steps and avoid the habits that can stress them. Find out how to keep your hair healthy and flawless even during the summer!

During the summer high temperatures, salt water, chlorine, wind and sand are the merciless enemies that stress the hair. These elements, in fact, create the ideal conditions forweakening of the foliage, which wears out and loses its shine and vigor.

Excessive hair dryness also causes an increase in hair loss. This can become an even bigger nuisance if you already suffer from this disorder.

To avoid damaging your mane during the summer and always keep it healthy, you can practice some behaviors to take care of it.

In particular, you have to dodge 5 things they tend to damage your hair inexorably. By following these tips, you can avoid running desperately to the hairdresser in September. You will find support in some habits that will help you to replicate even after the holidays.

Thermal shocks stress your hair mercilessly

During the hottest season of the year, when the hair is already subjected to high external temperatures, the use of hair dryer with maximum heat, plates is irons can he damage them further. Using these tools can become a real drama, because the more you sweat, the more your hair rebels against styling and the poodle effect is just around the corner.

Definitely, if you get the chance to air dry your hair, is the healthiest option for a healthy mane that is not affected by excessive heat.

air dry hair so as not to stress the hair

However, if you suffer from cervical or headache, staying with a damp head is not good for you at all. For this reason, it is more appropriate to force yourself to use the hairdryer, perhaps maintaining medium-low temperatures and keeping the jet a little further away from the head.

The possibility of using styling products also depends on the hair structure. If it’s big and thick enough, you can indulge in the use of a soleplate or iron every now and then, when you can’t do without it. If, on the other hand, your hair is fine, on the other hand, you risk ruining it without remedy.

However, keep in mind that you can also get a straight hairstyle by avoiding the heat. Alternatively, why not try making some beautiful waves? This is the coolest hairstyle of the summer that gives volume and a wild touch to your look!

beach waves

UV rays are dangerous, even for the hair

A mistake that is often made during the summer is to ignore the effect of UV rays, thinking that they are only harmful to the skin.

In fact, the sun can affect the normal functionality of the hair bulbs, which come inhibited and significantly slow down hair growth.

First, the scalp you risk getting burns and more or less serious damage, so you should cover yourself in the hottest hours with a hat or a nice foulard fresh and colorful.

straw hat

Regarding the hair shaft, it is advisable to apply a oil protective or a spray product special, in such a way as to prevent the sun from making them arid and fragile.

Avoid coloring just before the holidays

If just before the long-awaited holidays you feel a sudden desire to change your look by dyeing your hair, try to hold back. Coloring and bleaching products I’m very heavy for hair, especially when it comes to home methods. Adding more stress to the hair, already subjected to summer weather, is a rather avoidable action, don’t you think?

Also don’t forget the strong lightening power of the sun: you really risk finding yourself after a few days with completely different tones than those you wanted for your mane.

blonde hair in the air

If you really haven’t been able to give up the color and the departure is approaching, don’t forget to put i into practice tips to keep the color from fading!

Too frequent washing, unlike what you think, puts a lot of stress on the hair!

Unlike what one might think, washing your hair too frequently it is quite harmful, because the shampoo eliminates natural oils that revitalize the hair.

This temptation, in summer, becomes even stronger, considering the annoyance caused by humidity, sweat, wind and so on.

The sensation of discomfort that is felt after taking a bath in the sea or in the pool can certainly be reduced by carrying out a fresh water wash and possibly lukewarm / cold immediately after. In this way, the traces of salt and chlorine are eliminated. These substances, although they tend to give a beautiful blur to the hair, also make them very brittle.

shower on the beach to avoid stressing your hair

To avoid washing your hair every day you can try dry shampoo, which, however, should not be considered a substitute for the classic one, but only a product to delay washing for one or two days.

In any case, if you can’t help but shampoo very often, you can opt for a product for frequent washing.

Go for soft and light tails that do not stress the hair

Even the summer hairstyles can hurt our mane. Very high tails with the hair pulled back and tied with a very tight elastic, or very tight buns, perhaps with a donut, stress the hair and weaken it.

For this reason, we recommend that you prefer:

  • soft braids on the shoulders;
  • low tails, perhaps with a soft colored scrunchie combined with your outfit;
  • hairstyles that involve the use of headbands and scarves placed delicately on the head.

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