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How to make blonde hair last during the summer


Especially during the summer, blonde hair needs special care and attention to stay shiny, soft and healthy. Discover all the secrets to keep the color intense and prevent it from acquiring yellow reflections or fading.

The summer season can be a nightmare for those with i blond hair, because the sun, salt water or chlorine, wind and sweat can compromise the brilliance of color. The latter then, in addition to losing brightness and intensity, also risks taking on shades of yellow totally unexpected and unwelcome.

If you have this type of hair, however, do not worry: a few small precautions in daily habits are enough to live your holidays with serenity, without the anxiety of ruining your hair.

Always use hair protection

Yes, hair also needs protection when exposed to the sun. THE UV rays they can indeed alter the color, making it dull and opaque, as well as dry out the lengths and originate split ends.

However, there are many products to be distributed on the hair to hydrate it. They are indispensable if you want stick up for give her hair external agents, as well as give UV rays, because they create a real protective barrier.

The most popular formats are lo spray andoil. The latter is often avoided because it is feared that it will leave the hair greasy and sticky, but know that there are really light and impalpable finishes that do not produce this result at all. Whatever the texture you choose, however, apply the product over the entire length before exposing yourself to the sun and repeat the use if you take a bath or shower. You will see that your hair will be noticeably softer and above all your blond hair will remain shiny.

Rinse your hair with fresh water before and after swimming in the pool or the sea

Chlorine and salt are bitter enemies of the hair and especially of blond hair, because they ruin the color and tend to turn it yellow and turn it off. For this, whenever you decide to take a dip in sea or in pool, you always want to go for one fresh water shower before and when you go out. In this way, you will reduce the effect of these agents on the mane, while preserving its shine.

blonde hair shower

Shampoo with anti-yellow products specific for blond hair

For those with blond hair or who have undergone lightening treatments such as shatush, lo anti-yellow shampoo it is a must-have to keep the hair always shiny and intense, preventing the color from losing its brilliance and becoming dull.

This product exploits the theory of colors, in the sense that it contains purple pigments that neutralize yellow / orange tones. It should be applied like a normal cleanser, then used on wet hair, gently massaged and then rinsed. However, compared to a normal shampoo, it is better to keep it in place a little longer, so that it works in depth.

blonde hair shower

Air dry your hair

In the summer, it’s much simpler air dry your hair. If possible, try to do this and avoid using tools that use heat such as blow dryers, straighteners and irons.

Brushes are increasingly popular on the market to detangle wet hair and make it perfectly soft and silky. After this operation, make sure there are no knots and let the hair dry naturally.

The beach waves during the summer are very popular and allow you to show off a wild look giving movement to your hair. So let waves spontaneously form on your blonde hair and possibly embellish them with trendy colored headbands or clips!

sea ​​blonde hair

If you just can’t see yourself with this look and feel the need to use the hairdryer And make yourself a fold, don’t forget the heat protection spray. Its restructuring properties protect the mane from the action of heat and strengthen the hair structure.

Harness the power of hair gloss treatments for blonde hair

Products hair gloss allow you to create a targeted treatment to make the hair, especially blond ones, sparkling and shiny, giving rise to enchanting reflections.

It is not necessary to go to the salon to carry out this type of haircare. There are many ways to achieve a satisfactory result even by doing it yourself at home. The password is hydration: search for products containing proteins of the wheat silk, omega 3-6-9 fatty acids And hyaluronic acid. These active ingredients intensely nourish the hair and restructure the fibers.

Also, if you notice that your blonde hair is dull, after drying it well and removing excess water, apply a few drops of oil or liquid crystal.

shiny blond hair

Green light to the masks!

If you want to take care of your blonde hair while always keeping it silky, radiant and nourished, you cannot give up masks! Take a moment all to yourself and apply these products on your hair, allowing yourself some healthy relaxation for you and your hair!

Depending on your needs, choose the most suitable treatment, it can be simply moisturizing, or even reflexing or anti-yellow.


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