Hair hydration in summer: when and how to do it?


Between exposure to the sun and frequent washing, in summer the hair is often dry, dull and weak, so much so that sometimes we feel compelled to run to the hairdresser in September to cut it. Don’t worry: there are tricks to keep your hair soft, hydrated and shiny.

During the summer season, UV rays, salt, sand, chlorine and above all very frequent washing can affect the health and beauty of the hair, making it dry, brittle, dull and weak. As with your skin, you also need to practice some tricks for your hair to keep them healthy and strong in the hottest months.

Find out how to take care of your mane in a few simple steps for a wow result without the need to rush to trim it after the holidays!

Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair

In summer i hair washes they definitely do more frequent. Use shampoo (better if formulated to be used often, there are many on the market) e moisturizing conditioner and adapts to your type of hair, it allows you to take care of them while keeping them soft and nourished. These products have the power to restore lost moisture and perform a strengthening action.


Rinse your hair with cold water

Hair in summer is already very stressed by high temperatures and rinse them with hot water it can make them even more dehydrated and reduce the natural balance of sebum. The consequence is that the hair becomes dry is fragile.

The rinsing with cold water allows you to create a kind of seal for hydration lengths and for the pores of the scalp. This practice also keeps your hair cleaner longer, because it creates one barrier for impurities.

cold shower hair

Use a dry shampoo from time to time to cleanse your hair and revitalize it

To avoid doing a wash every day that could make your hair dry and brittle, you can opt for one every now and then dry shampoo to refresh the hair and dry the accumulation of oil on the scalp. Thanks to its powdered consistency, this product absorbs excess sebum and makes hair appear less greasy and cleaner and more voluminous.

Obviously it should be used sparingly, that is, once, maximum twice a week, otherwise you risk having the opposite effect, that is to dry your hair.

dry shampoo

Run to wash your hair with fresh water after swimming in the pool or the sea

For remove chlorine or the saltiness from the hair, two great enemies of hydration and softness of hair, we recommend that you always take a shower with fresh water after bathing. We know, often in the pool and at the sea the showers are really freezing, but this is the best way to prevent your hair from drying out and, once dried, it will be weak and frizzy.

hair shower

Try to contain the use of hot styling tools as much as possible

The tools for it hot styling, so blow dryers, straighteners and hair irons can mess up further the hair, which is already dry and weakened by the high summer temperatures. For this reason, try as much as possible to avoid using them. If you really can’t do without it and have the ability to adjust the temperature, try to keep it at an average level.

In any case, always remember that this season it is very cool to leave the hair without styling, so with a wild look and a disheveled effect. Leaving air dry your hair, beautiful ones could form natural waves, which you can possibly do in a short time with one of the quick methods that we recommend.

Can’t give up a smooth and well-groomed hair? No problem – there are several ways to make them straight without the heat!

natural wavy hair

Make a moisturizing mask

To keep your hair soft and above all nourished and healthy, you can take some time for yourself. Apply once or twice a week once moisturizing mask she is rich. This product will also allow you to make your hair shinier and shinier.

In addition to the many alternatives on the market, you can try create a compound yourself do it yourself to pamper your hair.

Examples of DIY moisturizing hair masks:

  • Olive oil is honey is the most popular pair for hair wraps because they both have emollient, regenerating and moisturizing properties.
  • The flaxseed gel it has a strong restructuring and nourishing power and acts deeply leaving the hair soft and shiny.
  • Castor oil, shea butter is honey, united in a single mask, they moisturize the skin and regenerate it in no time.
  • Yogurt, egg is honey they pamper the mane making it stronger, nourished and voluminous.

hair mask

Use nourishing hair oils after styling

Dry hair that breaks easily is predisposed to static electricity because they do not contain moisture factors. Oils such as that of almonds, olives and argan, can bring hydration to hair fragile and dry. However, since these are very fatty and rich products, remember to apply very few drops to avoid the greasy effect.


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