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Hair hydration in summer: the mistakes not to make


Healthy, strong and shiny hair even in summer? Of course yes, just don’t make the classic mistakes that tend to ruin them and always keep them well protected and hydrated. For a look-proof and touch-proof hair!

Although summer is the most loved season by many, it is also the one in which the hair suffer More. The reason? The many external agents that can negatively affect them balance and well-being, wearing them out and taking away that wonderful aspect you are used to.

Be careful though. Because if on the one hand the responsibility for this weakening of the foliage is attributable to the sun, sea, chlorine, sand or wind, on the other the first responsible the health of your hair it’s you and all those small or big mistakes that are made during the summer. And that inevitably damage the hair, from root to tip. But what are these mistakes to avoid to guarantee a shiny, healthy and strong hair?

Drink little during the day

It will seem trivial, but one of the most common mistakes that are committed towards the hair and that make it lose its softness, shine and health, concerns the amount of water that is consumed during the day. Often, in fact, due to forgetfulness, little attention, or “bad” habit you don’t drink enough (the ideal dose would be at least two liters of water per day).

And this, in addition to causing a whole series of ailments in the body, it also negatively affects beauty and health of the hair, weakening it and giving it that dull and “dry” appearance typical of poorly hydrated and well-groomed hair. With lots of knots and split ends, the first to be damaged. This is why it is important to preserve the well-being of the hair starting from the care of your body, drinking the right amount of water, even in the form of herbal teas, and following a healthy diet.

What to eat to keep hair hydrated and healthy

In fact, food also plays a fundamental role in hair care and hydration. Eating little fruit and vegetables, for example, is never a good choice and not at all if your goal is to show off a screaming hair. For this reason, for those who do not already do it, it is important to add foods such as:

  • fruits and vegetables orange, rich in carotenes that act against the weakening of the hair. Among these, for example, apricots, melon, carrots, peppers and citrus fruits are excellent. But also spinach, cabbage, broccoli and green leafy vegetables;
  • legumes;
  • eggs;
  • nuts;
  • dark chocolate.

All friends of hair and their natural beauty.

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Not protecting your hair enough

Another element that affects the health and appearance of the hair is the little care and lack of protection towards the typical external agents of summer such as salt, sea water, chlorine, sand, wind and sun, which if on the one hand is good for the hair, also giving it those irresistible all-natural strokes of light, on the other it can damage them progressively. By drying and dulling them.

Forgetting to protect them, therefore, is a huge mistake if you want to preserve the well-being and beauty of the hair, in summer but also in any other season. But how can this be done?

For example using a adequate sun protection. Yes, you got it right. Just like the skin, too the hair must be protected with specific products, oils, sprays, creams, drops, etc., with an adequate SPF value. To be reapplied several times throughout the day (especially if you spend it on the beach) and certainly before and after every swim in the sea or dip in the pool. But not only. To preserve hair, the following are also great:

  • wide-headed hats, which in addition to protecting the hair will give you a super cool look;
  • bandanas;
  • foulard.

In short, any accessory that, in addition to embellish your style, may shield your hair from the attack of the sun’s rays and all those factors that can affect their health.

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Do not rinse your hair after bathing

And without moving from the beach or the poolside here comes another big mistake that almost all of us make: forget to take a nice shower immediately after exiting the sea or swimming pool. And there are so many excuses, “the shower is freezing”, “but I’ll be back in an hour”, “but yes, I’ll do it later in the hotel” and so on. All statements that, if on the one hand they make you feel at peace with yourself, on the other they create the perfect base to allow the hair to get damaged, lose shine and dehydrate at the speed of light.

The reason? Agents such as salt, chlorine, sand, etc., weaken both the root and the hair shaft, favoring its breaking, drying and falling. Exactly the opposite of what one imagines when thinking of a healthy and beautiful hair. For this reason, after every bath, it is important to take a nice fresh water shower eliminate all traces of dirt or toxin, preserving the balance of the hair and always keeping it well hydrated, shiny and silky.

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Stress the hair with heat

The heat is known to be the enemy of hair. And it always is, in summer but also in any other season of the year. Thanks to the summer, however, and all the characteristics that distinguish it, the hair turns out to be subjected to various stresses throughout the day and, therefore, more prone to dehydration and weakening.

For this, use tools such as phone, straightener, curling iron etc., in the summer as never before, it can damage the foliage a lot. Breaking the hair shaft itself, wearing it out and paving the way for that annoying frizz effect that little matches your absolutely amazing look (besides being a clear symptom of poor health).

hair straightener

This is why it is better to avoid using this kind of tools, opting for more natural hairstyles, for example the fantastic beach waves. And if you really have to use the straightener or the like, remembering to protect your hair with a heat-protective oil or spray.

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Forgetting to apply a mask

Finally, among the most common mistakes that most affect the loss of beauty and health of the hair is the little care during the usual hair routine. And in particular the leap to foot of one of the greatest allies of the hair: the mask. A treatment that takes a few more minutes of your time (which is not that bad) but that goes totally for the benefit of your hair.

hair mask

Apply at least once a week once nourishing and restructuring hair mask (after the shampoo and conditioner), in fact, guarantees you to protect your hair and preserve it from the possible damage to which it is constantly subjected during the summer.

And the range to choose from is really wide. For example by opting for:

  • coconut oil to prevent split ends (and excellent against dry hair);
  • flax seed, if the hair is brittle and perfect for moisturizing packs;
  • aloe vera, excellent for the skin and to compensate for poor hydration;
  • ylang-ylang essential oil to combat dryness and brittleness of the hair.

But also olive oil, jojoba, flax, shea, argan, honey, etc.

It is clear, therefore, that the health and beauty of your hair, in summer and at any other time of the year, depends only on you. From the care, from theattention and the daily time you dedicate to it. A few simple measures to avoid damaging them and guaranteeing them softness, shine and all the beauty that only healthy hair can have. Making your look even more exceptional.


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