List : 30 Coffin Nail Designs to Die for: Ballerina Nails Ideas

List : 30 Coffin Nail Designs to Die for: Ballerina Nails Ideas (photos)


fall coffin nails gallery: Coffin nails, a.k.a. ballerina nails, are part of the new “cool girl” high-fashion aesthetic and have become massively popular after celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Blac Chyna started sporting them constantly. Picking a nail shape can be difficult. There is such a wide range of nail shapes to choose from, and they’re all gorgeous. If you’re looking for a versatile and chic style, look no further than coffin nails.

If you have no idea what this nail shape is about, our guide to coffin nails is here to help you out. Check out to see what coffin or ballerina nails look like, and how you can shape coffin nails at home without going to the salon! And if you have decided to go for this nail shape, you have 30 inspiring images of coffin nail designs to try presented below!

Alternating nails between a fall burnt orange with nails decked out with gold and orange leaf-shaped reflects is an example of the perfect seasonal coffin nail design! This design also shows off how good ballerina nails look in both matte and glossy designs.

Let the fashionista in you shine with this ballerina nail design homage to Louis Vuitton! These coffin shaped nails are sure to let everyone know that you’re all about adding fashionable accents into your bold orange statement.

In this list, we give you the opportunity to discover our selection of the best fall coffin nails inspirations and photos.

List : 30 Coffin Nail Designs to Die for: Ballerina Nails Ideas

Start with a nude base and deck out each coffin nail in different sparkles and texture. Mixing a nude metallic texture, a big accent gem, and a gorgeous marble texture, make any coffin nail design pop.ADVERTISEMENTS

Geometric coffin nail designs look so good because it’s such an angular nail shape. Let the designer brand lover in you out by paying homage to Burberry, then play with color blocking with lots of contrast by using a baby pink and a deep red shade at the corners. Give your coffin nails an edgy twist by using sparkly spikes on a few nails, too!

This ballerina nail design is perfect for someone who loves nude baby pink, but also loves neon. You don’t have to choose with this one! Keep your coffin shaped nails simple by covering them in an iridescent nude baby pink, then outline them with neon pink to really make the nail shape pop.

There’s no reason to hold back with your coffin nail designs. If metallic is your thing, then let your metallic flag fly. An all-over metallic shade on the outside nail balances perfectly with iridescent leaves on a transparent nail. Make a big statement with the middle finger by decking it out in iridescent jewels for three-dimensional fun!

Take your matte neutral ballerina nails to the next level by adding in some white linework to give them an artistic twist. Ballerina nail designs with lines really show off the coffin shape and make the ballerina slipper side look long and glamorous.

The classic glossy white coffin nail design is always in style. This design takes it to the next level, by showcasing another favorite classic design on the inside fingers – the French manicure. The gold accents on these coffin shaped nails give rich glam vibes, too!

This ballerina nail design is gorgeous! A frosty finished peach shade accented with white dot grid takes the artistic side up a notch.

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