List : Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: The Looks That Are Gonna Be All Over Your IG Feed Soon

List : Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: The Looks That Are Gonna Be All Over Your IG Feed Soon (photos)


2020 makeup trends gallery: After stalking the IGs of makeup artists and celebrities, I’ve put together a list of the 15 biggest Summer 2020 makeup trends (think: glossy lips and colored liners) that are guaranteed to be everywhere come September. TBH, you might love these makeup trends enough to start wearing them, like, now.

Okay, let’s be real—you’ve been doing the same smokey eye look since high school. Step away from the black eyeshadow and opt for a blue-toned hue, seen here in this summer 2020 makeup trend. It’ll def level up your look.

Okay, so white eyeliner technically isn’t anything new, but since it isn’t going anywhere this summer, it’s time to dig out your white pencil from the bottom of your makeup bag. PS—white eyeliner helps your eyes look brighter and bigger.

The right nude lipstick is like a snuggly, soft white tee—once you find your perfect match, you won’t be able to get enough. You can wear it in the daytime or pair it with a fire look in the PM—either way, you’re going to look really freakin’ good.

In this list, we give you the opportunity to discover our selection of the best 2020 makeup trends inspirations and photos.

List : Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: The Looks That Are Gonna Be All Over Your IG Feed Soon

Your black eyeliner called—she’s tired. So switch things up with this summer 2020 makeup trend. An orange eyeliner adds the right amount of color to your look without being completely overpowering.

Would it be a summer makeup trend roundup without a dark lip? Instead of going for a matte option, choose a lip that’s a little more glossy to give your look some dimension.

This summer 2020 makeup trend is all about shine, so do yourself a favor and start searching for the perfect lip gloss now. Work a nude lip liner onto your lips and then layer a gloss on top to get hydrated, smooth, and glossy-AF lips.

I know—the idea of an orange blush sounds a little bit scary, but trust me, you can pull off this summer 2020 makeup trend. Once you pick the right shade for your skin tone, you’ll be left with a fresh look that adds the perfect amount of depth to your skin.

Not into a bold lip? Try a barely there lip stain—it’s going to be a big summer 2020 makeup trend. Lip stains give you a soft, dreamy color and are super low-maintenance too.

Why pick one eyeshadow color when you could have two? To rock this 2020 summer makeup trend, use one eyeshadow shade for your top lashes, and use another one for the bottom ones. It’s a super easy way to add a colorful moment to your look.

Get your glow on with this summer 2020 makeup trend. Sweep this bright-pink blush on your cheeks, temples, and underneath your brow bones to give yourself a fresh allover flush.

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